1. W

    Australia International Students commencing in Fall of 2021.

    We are in a predicament folks. The world is burning, and COVID is spreading...I guess. Nonetheless, as students entering Oz, we face disappointing and uncertain times. Perhaps this post will serve to bring constructive debate and information.
  2. OVC2023

    Australian Schools (Sydney, Melbourne) 2020 applicants

    Hey guys! I know it's a bit early but I've begun my applications to Melbourne and Sydney so I was wondering if anyone else is going through the same process/looking to begin sometime soon! I thought this might be a good place to discuss things if we need to!
  3. H

    Study partner- Sydney

    I am a female medical student based in Sydney in my 5th year of study, looking to do the USMLE step 1 in February 2019. I am in the intermediate stages of my preparation, and am planning to really ramp it up in the next few months. I have been going through FA and some UWorld questions this...
  4. C

    International Student Apps Open @ Sydney - The University of Notre Dame Australia

    Hi guys, As you probably know, The University of Notre Dame Australia runs the Doctor of Medicine, but has typically been open only for Australian students. It looks like they now are open for international students on the Sydney campus only. For 2019, they have 10 spots available for...
  5. EMT Potato

    Studying to Move to Australia from USA

    Hi all, I'm a current student at an American University looking to study medicine and move permanently to Australia. I would not like to work as a doctor in the US and I have no concerns on moving back to the country. I would like to know if it is possible to study at an Australian Uni like UQ...
  6. K

    What are my chances? (4.0 GPA scale to 7.0 scale)

    My school reports marks on my transcripts in percentages. When I go to convert these percentages on a 4.0 GPA scale, it's around ~2.77 (barely meets the cutoff of 2.7). Whereas if I take those percentages and convert them on a 7.0 GPA Scale (as per GEMSAS), then my GPA is fairly high ~6.3/7...
  7. T

    Looking for roommates in Sydney Redfern

    Has anyone already applied to live in Iglu Redfern for 2018? We're looking for two more people entering their first year of either Sydney's MD or DMD program to be roommates in a four-bedroom apartment. We're very clean and quiet people and I thought it would be cool to live with classmates who...
  8. E

    USyd DMD waitlist 2018

    I just got an email saying that I am waitlisted for USyd DMD. Does anyone know what are my chances of getting off the waitlist, or how much the waitlist moves compared to previous years? I am a Canadian and took the CDAT, with an AA of 22 (none of my scores were below 20). Thought my MMI went...
  9. K

    How many times can you do GAMSAT per year? (Sydney, Australia)

    If I were to fail my GAMSAT exam can I reapply the same year, or is it just once a year? (in Australia)
  10. K

    Can you do a graduate entry of 'Doctor of medicine' with any previous bachelor degrees? (Australia)

    hello if there is anyone here that knows how it works in Australia..if I've gotten a Bachelor degree in interior design can I get into a graduate entry of Doctor of medicine? (the bachelor degree of interior design was from University of technology Sydney) and the doctor of medicine course I...
  11. T

    USyd and UQ MCAT

    Hi all, My friend and I are applying to both University of Sydney and University of Queensland MD. We're from Canada, and we roughly have the same GPA (3.5). She has a 31 MCAT (and fulfills the minimums on every section) and I have a 508. Is it possible for us to get interviews with these...