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    stay far away from this industry and pass the word on. Look up telemedicine fraud. Thousands of doctors are getting accused of participating in medical fraud unknowingly because of these telemedicine companies giving the illusion that what they are doing is legitimate. Google it it’s all over...
  2. C

    Peds & Informatics - but need a career path change

    Hi all, I recently finished peds residency in the US and now doing an ACGME fellowship in clinical informatics. However, after being in the fellowship I realize that the informatics career is not for me. Outside of work I'm also having some personal issues and overall it's shown me that I need...
  3. H

    Could teledermatology help with clinical efficiency?

    Going through the threads, I found a topic that resonated with me. @doctalaughs discussed how practicing dermatologists are finding it difficult to serve more patients (+45/day) while maintaining high quality care. Since I’m in residency this may not be relevant, but I’m curious to hear all of...
  4. SimpleContacts

    Im a doctor who founded a tech company

    Hi future doctors! Im a doctor (ophthalmology attending 5 years out, 3 years of which were in academics) that started a tech company in the telemedicine space. I felt that when i was a medical student and resident and fellow there was very little structured information on entrepreneurship...
  5. B

    Technology Good sources for digital health news?

    Hey all, Does anyone know any good sources for keeping up with digital health/telemedicine news? There's so much cool stuff happening in that space lately, and I want to stay informed about the kinds of things that will impact physicians' work. Looking for any useful websites or weekly...
  6. KloudMD

    Licensed Residents, Fellows: Telemedicine opportunity available

    Set your own availability, get paid $120-$180/hr, malpractice fully covered, apply here If you have any questions e-mail [email protected] or call 844-4-KloudMD or +14077921197 ext 123 to reach me personally if you have questions. This isn't a paid ad. I work for them and it's awesome. They're...
  7. D

    We do tele-ICU shifts from outside U.S., seeking fellows & others

    I am trying to figure out whether there is a forum on studentdoctor.net which is more appropriate than this one or whether there's an altogether different site which would be better for my scenario. Please advise. We are a group of U.S. board certified critical care doctors who live and work...