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  1. Elder_Citrus

    Practical DAT Test Day Experience & Breakdown (23AA/22PAT/23TS) by a First-time (& Last-time) Taker

    Greetings fellow predental peeps of SDN. I have been a long-time lurker on this forum since the very day I signed up for the DAT. I wrote my exam about a month ago and I was quite happy about the result: AA 23, PAT 22, TS 23, BIO 23, GC 28, OC 20, RC 21, QR 23 Prep time: 2 months 13 days...
  2. B

    Real MCAT score much lower than practice

    I will have a TL;DR at the bottom but I am looking for guidance, observations, experience, and recommendations while I plan my approach for the retake. Background - I am a nontraditional student. Poor grades early in college (undeclared major without a goal or focus) and only went because I was...
  3. D

    Just took my DAT last Saturday

    Got incredible scores (Bio 24 GC 24 OC 30 PAT 26 RC 23 QR 27 AA 26) and wanted to thank Bootcamp and DAT destroyer for their excellent practice problems. For starters yes you can cross off options in any sections by right clicking that option and highlight texts in RC. I didn't know this thing...