texas law

  1. L

    Reading directions to customer - technician

    The other day, I had a new pharmacist covering for the pharmacist that usually work at my store. A new patient asked me if the directions were written on the prescription bottle and if I'd read it to them. I read it to them. They wanted to get more information so I got the pharmacist and told...
  2. CountBy5s

    TX C2 without a printed phone#??

    C2 from out of town without a phone number, would you ever consider filling this script? What if the MD called stated it was an old pad and now practices at a different local address and local phone number? How do you handle this situation and what Texas laws influenced your decision?
  3. L

    TX Law - Who is the law guru?

    Could anyone tell me who is the law guru for Texas? Does he or she write a book? Give lectures? Thank you!
  4. F

    How to pass the Texas Jurisprudence Exam for state licensure

    Took the Texas Jurisprudence Exam a few days ago for Texas licensure. We did not have an 'in house' crib sheet at my program for this exam, and I couldn't find much on the forums, so I decided to put this together to help those of you who need a bit of guidance with study strategy and...