texas pt school

  1. L

    Texas DPT Wave 2023-2024

    Hello! I noticed that a thread hasn't been started for the 2023-2024 application cycle for Texas PT schools, so I figured I would get one going. I think it would be good to stay updated on where schools are at with their processes and also celebrate each others interviews and acceptances! Feel...
  2. W

    AP credit for BIO in Texas schools

    Hey y'all. So I just recently found out that some schools don't accept AP credit. With that said, I came into university (I attend UT Austin) with both Bio 1 and 2, both with labs, from high school with AP credits. I'm applying this summer and really worried that most Texas schools won't accept...
  3. beyoutiful_sunshine

    Texas PT Schools App 2016-2017

    In the spirit of 2 other threads that have been of great help, I thought about starting a thread for those applying to PT schools in Texas this upcoming cycle. Stats: University: Sam Houston State University Major: Health Science Overall GPA: 3.93 Science: 3.98 Pre-Req: ~ 3.91-4.0 GRE: 153 V...