1. B

    MD Help with school list! (3.6 520)

  2. S

    PCAT in February 2018

    Hi all, I took PCAT on February 14, but my score was very low. Exam was very hard, specially Biology and chemistry. I studied Dr Collin. Can somebody tell me how can I improve my score. Also, does any one know if there is any limit for taking PCAT exam?
  3. F

    Thanks for the help guys

    So, I posted here asking about tips to avoid silly mistakes and I implemented most of what you guys said. I think its mostly just taking the test calmly, slowing down on questions, and just taking all the time you can answering the questions. I got a 96 on my multi var calc test and I think I...
  4. TheOnlinePharmacist

    The more rec letters the better, or the opposite?

    Of course, as students applying to pharmacy schools, we never really get to ever read what was written about us in our recommendation letters. The pharmacy school I am applying to has a requirement of 1 letter from a pharmacist and 1 letter from a teacher. I heard a rumor that I should not over...
  5. L

    Is it ethical to give my professor/doctor a gift as a thank you for treating me for free?

    I'm a medical student. I recently had a medical problem and went to one of the cardiology attendings at my teaching hospital for a check up, because he's the best in the field where I live. I didn't have any medical insurance lol. He was really kind and didn't let me pay a penny. He even went as...
  6. Tenzing2017

    What are my chances? Weak freshman year, 3 strong years...Any improvements?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on SDN, long time lurker. Just wanted to ask some for your opinions on my progress, "what are my chances?", and if theres anything you think I can improve.. I was a transfer student and had a weak freshman year (bc of reasons), but my GPA has improved...
  7. saabbro

    Who to send thank you to?

    Hi all, Just had an interview recently and can't find my interviewers email anywhere. Could I just email admissions and ask them to forward it? Or is there another way? And if I ask them to forward it should I send my thank you in an attachment within the email or just put the whole message in...