time commitment

  1. C

    Taking summer off to study?

    Hi all, I am planning to take the MCAT at the end of my summer break (3 months) and am aiming for MD programs. Would anyone recommend taking the entire summer off to study for the MCAT? I was initially planning on doing research for ~30 hours/week for 2 months, but I was wondering if I am...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical Which One is Right for Me? PA vs. NP vs. Medical School

    Why do you want to become a Physician Assistant (PA)? Why not a nurse practitioner or physician? To help you answer this question in more depth, I’m providing a direct comparison of these three educational and professional options by focusing on three specific programs. Using information from...
  3. kenzie3115

    Is it still worth it to go to medical school?

    I recently started looking back into going to medical school after realizing that the debt of going to vet school just isn't worth it. I am currently a junior in college and am planning to take a gap year going either route, but have heard negative things about med school. Some things I worry...
  4. BigusDickus

    Stand up comedy and time commitment in Medical School

    Alright, not sure how to start this besides talking about how I don't know how to start this so I'll just jump right in. I do quite a bit of stand up comedy and find it incredibly relaxing and fulfilling when I'm not hitting the books and or in lab. I'm no rising star by any means, but I run my...
  5. D

    Question on when to take DAT and when to shadow: non-traditional student

    Currently in a gap year with very limited clinical experience (pre-med before this with around 25 hours shadowing a specialist). I was wondering how I should spend the next six months left before the application opens. I have two timelines in mind: 1. Shadow for 2 months (feb/march) and build...
  6. M

    Class Time Commitment?

    I'm just wondering what the average number of hours is that's spent physically sitting in class during pharmacy school? I've found a lot on the overall time commitment of pharmacy school but I'm still curious about this. How many classes are usually taken at once and how many hours each week...
  7. A

    Scribing as a Freshman?

    I just finished my first semester of undergrad, and am thinking of applying to ScribeAmerica for a scribing job next semester. As much as I would like to take up a job as a scribe, I also know that keeping up my GPA is most important (I finished this semester with a 4.0, and will be taking...
  8. Threemethylcholanthrene

    Best use of gap year time? Thoughts/Concerns?

    Hi All, I wanted to ask what everyone thinks the best use of a gap year time would be. I recently just graduated ASU with a major in Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell & Developmental) with a 3.58 cumulative. I think my sGPA is somewhere around 3.6 but I am not 100% sure. Currently I am...
  9. F

    PhD/PsyD personal sacrifice - Psy.D.

    Roughly estimating, how many hours per week of both classroom work (in and outside of physical class and fieldwork are required to succeed in a Psy.D. program? I have a husband to pay attention to, friends, family, must watch every Grey's Anatomy. How much personal sacrifice is needed to do this?