1. E

    UCI Pharmaceutical Science for Med School?

    So I'm currently at a California Community College (Mt. SAC) right now, and I was looking into transferring to UCI. The problem is that UCI requires a full year of Organic Chemistry for transfer, and my community college and the CC's around my area don't offer OChem in Summer or Winter. That...
  2. D

    Shadowing + Med school while visibly trans

    Hi SDN, First of all THANK YOU so much for making this forum section happen! It's amazing to have a space where we can debate LGBTQ-specific issues here. I wanted to ask you if anyone here has had the experience of looking for shadowing opportunities while being visibly trans (i.e. "not...
  3. O

    Transgender Pre-Dental Concerns

    Hey Everyone, I'm a male to female third year undergrad student and hope to become a dental student and later on, a dentist. I am creating this thread because I can't find anything on how transgender dental students/dentists are treated and it has been causing me stress lately. I've worked very...
  4. bengirlxD

    Anyone Gone through the gender transition process while in med school?

    Just curious to know about how transitioning in medical school is like. I am planning on getting on T during my first year and hopefully top surgery in the next two years. When is the best time to have top surgery while in medical school and how did your peers and educators react to your...
  5. L

    Talking about transgender people in my secondary essays

    I'm planning on going to medical school to become a plastic surgeon. Some of the surgeries I want to perform are chest masculinization surgery, breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, and facial masculinization surgery as I want to help transgender people feel more comfortable in their...