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Nov 20, 2017
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So I'm currently at a California Community College (Mt. SAC) right now, and I was looking into transferring to UCI. The problem is that UCI requires a full year of Organic Chemistry for transfer, and my community college and the CC's around my area don't offer OChem in Summer or Winter. That means I won't be able to transfer as a Bio Major without staying a full year just for one class. If I transferred as a Pharmaceutical Science major, would it prepare me enough for Med School?


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Apr 4, 2012
It can be argued that nothing prepares you enough for med school. But you can change majors once at UCI (as a transfer student, you don't sign the 4-year bio major contract) or you can take your prereqs as you go along.
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Mar 21, 2017
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These days I don't think choice of major is absolutely critical, especially among PharmSci, Biology, Public Health, etc, WITH THE REQUISITE that you complete the prereq courses required by medical schools (with organic chemistry as an absolute requirement).

That being said, the hardest part about not entering a 4-year major oriented towards premed is not having priority in classes required by medical school.

So in your case it may be beneficial to transfer in as PharmSci, and either change majors into BioSci or take the courses required by med schools including Ochem and physics .
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