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    Does a truly integrated (translational) career as an MD/PhD exist?

    As the title states: I am curious if a career exists that truly allows for the integration of bench research and patient care and if so, what field/specialty/PhD topics are most conducive? I know a majority of MD/PhDs end up doing about 80/20 lab/clinic time, which is fine, but I would prefer...
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    Translated for Doctor while shadowing- Mention at interview?

    This summer I shadowed a physician at a primary care clinic and translated for many patients using my first language. I know it is against regulations to translate unless you are a licensed interpreter, however, the physician encouraged it and the patients really seemed to benefit. Would it be...
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    Translation initiation details

    How in depth do we have to know the details for translation initiation (eukaryotes and prokaryotes) for the MCAT? For example, are we expected to know exactly how all the transcription factors and ribosomal subunits assemble in order, or would the actual mechanism of translation itself be more...
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    Help with ecfmg documents

    I will be graduating from a medical school in China next month and need some help with the documents that has to be submitted to ecfmg, as my country of residence requires ecfmg verification in order to register. I have been told by previous graduates that after I recieve my degree I will have...
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    Thoughts on having an international language translated Step 1 Question Bank?

    Hello everyone! I am thinking of developing a Step 1 question bank that have questions set to non-English languages. I wanted to ask everyone here if you would think this would be helpful in your studying? Particularly if you are an international medical student, seeking to pass Step 1 and Step...