1. 8

    PCAT Tips & Tricks

    Hey guys! So I'm taking the PCAT for the first time in September, and I was wondering if anyone has any little tips and tricks for when taking the exam? Like things to either help eliminate wrong answers or shortcuts for certain questions to help save on time? Or like when to use/not use the...
  2. P

    For people who used TBR books

    Any input from people that used TBR books for the sciences would be greatly appreciated. My plan is to review using KA videos for biology, organic, and selected topics in physics and chemistry. I plan to read the TBR chapters for subjects I'm weak in. Can you say electrochemistry? I plan to...
  3. RogueBanana

    Preparing to Re-Apply Thread

    Hey All, Thanksgiving has come and passed. For some of you, this is now time to consider preparing to re-apply per the Turkey Rule. However, I share the opinion that anyone who doesn't have an acceptance should be thinking about this regardless of interviews. So, in response to the influx of...
  4. A

    Finished PCAT. Giving/Receiving Advice Ask Away

    Just took my PCAT a couple days ago and was too surprised after I saw my scores. Below are the scores I ended up getting Bio - 94 Chem - 99 Reading - 46 Math - 99 Composite - 97 I honestly thought I bombed the test but walked away happy. For me Bio was the hardest section for me going and Math...
  5. C

    Greater palatine nerve block for root debridement

    Hi i am a 3rd yr dental student from hong kong. When i do root debridement, I have to give LA to the palate and i always find it difficult to palpate the greater palatine foramen before giving a greater palatine block. My tutor suggested to me that i deposit the anaesthetic (Xylestesin) at a...
  6. P

    Tips and Tricks?

    Hi everyone, I'm really new to this site... I only discovered it less than a week ago. I'm taking the PCAT in November (18 DAYS AWAY OMG), and I've been studying pretty well... But I'm wondering if there are certain topics I should focus more on? I know that the Gen Chem seems to be focused...