1. jyy3gx

    DIY post bacc at 4 year college as non degree seeking student vs UC Berkeley Extension

    Hello, is there anyone here who has done a DIY post bacc through UCBx? I just have to take a few pre reqs right now, and I am trying to decide to do them either at a local 4 year college as a non degree seeking student or at UCBx. I am worried that I won't be able to get into the classes that I...
  2. C

    Is this too heavy of a course load at summer UC Berkeley Extension?

    Hi everyone! I am an undergrad at Berkeley and planning on taking summer courses at UCB Extension this summer and was wondering if you have personally taken any of these classes with any of these specific professors since reviews about they are pretty scattered and if so, how would these...
  3. A

    UC Berkeley Extension PEP Talk

    Hi! Welcome to your UCBX pep talk! If you're like me, you're midway through your biochem course thinking "HM, I wonder what I should expect for the final..." So you turn to google or SDN, and what you find might hit your stomach like a sack of bricks. For me, this was real, mind consuming fear...
  4. C

    UC Berkeley Extension Classes - Professor/Class Reviews

    Has anyone taken these class with these professors at UC Berkeley Extension? Could anyone comment on the quality of professor and level of difficulty? I can't seem to find any recent threads on this... Genetics (online) with Susan Parkinson Immunology (online) with Monica Ranes-Goldberg...
  5. D

    What should I do?

    Graduated UCSB 2014 with B.S. Biopsychology. Plenty of shadowing experience, good LORs, plenty of volunteering, some research experience, applying for more research opportunities. Still need to take the MCAT (probably this summer after I finish Biochem, I know I will do extremely well) cGPA =...
  6. A

    UCB post-bacc versus SFSU

    Hi all! I recently graduated from a UC with a degree in computer science, but decided while completing my degree that I actually wanted to go into medicine. I finished some of the prereqs, but not all of them, which is why I'm now considering entering a post-bacc program. Here's my problem: it...