Is this too heavy of a course load at summer UC Berkeley Extension?

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Apr 23, 2019
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Hi everyone!

I am an undergrad at Berkeley and planning on taking summer courses at UCB Extension this summer and was wondering if you have personally taken any of these classes with any of these specific professors since reviews about they are pretty scattered and if so, how would these classes be if I were to take them together.

- CHEM X36B Organic Chemistry II with Gregory Watkins
- MCELLBI X115A Biochemistry with Geoffrey Sargent.

To give an overview, Orgo 2 will be meeting on MW and Biochem will be meeting on TuTh.
I will not be doing any else in the summer (no job, no studying for anything else) and was wondering if you had any tips or advice.
My alternative plan would be to take Orgo 2 at UCBX and then after it is over, take Biochemistry but on BERKELEY CAMPUS and not at extension :/

Thanks so much!


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Jan 9, 2017
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Hi, Cal alum here. What’s your reasoning for taking courses at UCB Extension over taking 3B/3BL and 102 at the main campus? Most of my friends taking summer classes stayed on campus. I haven’t heard of any of my classmates taking med school pre-requisites off campus unless they transferred in.