ucla dental school

  1. Raesel

    Harvard vs. UCLA (OOS) vs. UNC (IS) vs. UF (OOS)

    Hi everyone! I’m currently trying to decide which dental school I’d like to go to and I was wondering if any dental students could share their experiences. I’m in a unique position where I’ve received scholarships from a majority of the schools. UNC is my state school and they have given me the...
  2. A


    Date of submission: June 16th Overall GPA: 3.81 Science GPA: 3.71( still can improve 2 general bio on fall semester) and some recommended courses DAT score (include AA and all sections): 20AA, 21TS, 19Bio, 23GC, 22OC, 22QR, 16RC( not native learning English from 2.5 years ago), 27PAT State of...
  3. Speck_90


    Hey everybody! Is anyone here in these programs and could help me out with some information about the application process? Thank you guys in advance and wish y'all a pleasent day
  4. D

    Chance for CA schools from Out-of-State

    My GPA is 3.9 My DAT is AA 23 PAT 21 I am from Indiana and graduated Indiana University Bloomington. What are my chances of getting into CA schools? (ex. UCLA, UCSF, USC) My activities are descent (research, dental lab, shadowing, leadership, volunteering etc..) I want to know if CA dental...
  5. A

    UCLA dental school - no scholarship

    i'm gonna be attending UCLA and I'm honestly surprised that they didn't offer me any kind of scholarship. Sorry if that sounds like a petty thing to say but I know for a fact that I have some of the highest stats in the admitted class if not the best (3.96 GPA and 25 DAT) and also went to one of...