ucsd post bac

  1. F

    UCSD and other California Post-Bacc

    Hey guys! This is my first time posting here and I really need some advice. I wanted to know my shot at getting into a California post-bacc with a low GPA and low ECs, or should I take another year off to gain experience? Here's my background: I went to community college for 3 years after...
  2. I

    UCSD Extension Premed Post Bacc 2018-19

    Hi, everyone! Who else applied to UCSD's program this year? Anyone else waiting to hear back from San Diego? The suspense... I am so anxious! We're supposed to receive news soon.
  3. RealityDream

    UC San Deigo Pre-Medical Post-baccalaureate Program 2016-17

    Hello Guys, I don't see a thread open for this year's cycle. I figured I create one. Who's applying to this program? I submitted my application on 01/10/2016, confirmed by e-mail that all my supporting documents are in. Now, just playing the waiting game.