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  1. Premedtrouble7411

    Irish and UK medical school chances

    Hi! I am an EU resident but I graduated from the us as a biochemistry major. I applied ED to one med school in the us but I also want to apply to Europe. My gpa is 3.3 and I just got my MCAT back and it was unfortunately a 503. I have great ECs and 3 publications, in addition to research...
  2. U

    Chance of IM residency in the US?

    Hi all, new to the forum! I would like to begin by asking if there is any chance of being able to match into an Internal Medicine residency program as an IMG, given my record:- I'm a UK medical student (top 5/10 medical school) and I've just finished my third year (two years of pre-clinical...
  3. Offroader

    What are the chances of entering residency after foundation programme for a non-EU medical student?

    Hello everybody, I'm currently a non-EU medical student aiming to do foundation programme in the UK and enter radiology residency but I don't know what would my chances be for that. I've heard it's not possible for non-EU junior doctors to enter radiology residency in the UK (after foundation...
  4. NeuroendoHolism

    my big D...lemma

    Let’s keep this organized and in advance thank you!!! About me: Marist BA psych n Phil 3.5 Pre med reqs almost done gpa 3.5 Age 26 American and working on dual with EU via dead EU ancestors in Italy. Goal:Become psychiatrist work in UK 1) The dual EU citizenship should help right? Especially...
  5. M

    Singapore 22 Jan 2018- University of Dundee Medicine and Dentistry Alumni and Information Event

    Greetings all, The University of Dundee Schools of Medicine and Dentistry will be hosting an alumni and information event at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore for: (1) Dundee Medical or Dental graduates (2) Prospective students who are interested in studying Medicine or Dentistry at the...
  6. J

    Which UK school consider ECs?

    Can someone tell me which graduate entry medical program in the UK considers ECs and one's academic CV? I am a Canadian currently studying in a Canadian university wanting to apply to UK med schools. I have e-mailed some schools and it seems that all of them only consider school/university...
  7. T

    Becoming a Doctor in the UK?

    Hi everyone, Ive been looking at similar posts, but none of them (that I saw at least) have a similar situation, so I was wondering if I could get some guidance. I am currently in my Freshman year of college, Im in a community college (for monetary purposes). My plan was to transfer from my...
  8. Carso93

    Coventry (UK): how is?

    I would like to have some information about University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and the city of Coventry in general. My wish is to do a medical intership here. Thank you a lot.
  9. 2

    What Are The Requirements For A License To Practice In UK/Thailand?

    I'm still in high school (first year of IBDP) and I'm interested in becoming a doctor. For university, I'd like to go to the UK (if I can make it), and I'm wondering what comes after MBBS/BSc? At what point do you get a license to practice (UK)? What about Thailand? If I don't take up...
  10. T

    US BS student applying to uk med school

    Hello, I'm a Norwegian/american student currently in my second year taking a BS majoring in Chemistry in the US. I am looking into going to medical school in the UK, however I am confused what level I would have to apply in to. It seems as if I would have apply to an undergraduate course, is...
  11. Carso93

    Help me for a Clinical Elective

    Hi guys :laugh: I would ask you some advices about hospitals in which I could apply for a Clinical Elective in the next summer. - Geographic area: America, Australia, UK - I have only an IELTS with the score of 6 - Preferred specialty: Cardiology - 4 weeks Actually, I have found something in...
  12. B

    What is the job/training market like for American graduates of UK schools?

    Hi all! I'm an American student currently in my junior year at an American undergrad university, and growing increasingly interested in perhaps studying medicine in the UK with the hope of eventually getting trained/obtaining a job there. I've seen a few questions sort of like this before but...
  13. S

    US Undergraduate to UK Medical School

    Hey everyone! I'm a US student who just completed my undergrad with degrees in Biology and Psychology. I am interested in going to the UK for med school and then consequently practicing in the UK. I know theres a lot of you who will tell me I'm crazy for wanting to pay international tuition...