1. D

    University of Maryland SOP timeline

    Hey all, Has anyone applied to UMB SOP and heard back yet? It seems like they’re taking much longer than the other schools I’ve applied to and I’m getting nervous. thanks
  2. S

    UMB vs U of M SOP

    I'm trying to decide which would be a better shot for me to apply early decision and was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm a biochem major, currently 3.4 gpa had 2 years of research at NIH (wet lab) and 1-year research at USDA regarding data analytics. I don't have a pharmacist's...
  3. U

    Applying to UMB Pharmacy School- do I have a chance?

    I currently a student at UMD College Park, Neurobiology &. physiology major. I have a 3.1 GPA, 75 PCAT, honors college student, and I work as a research specialist in a lab. I was wondering if I even have a chance applying to early decision at UMB Pharmacy School- considering I have no pharmacy...
  4. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

    Hello people of SDN! I am deciding between UMSOM and GWU medical schools and am looking for some guidance and more info before I decide. I'm pretty torn (though I'm not asking anyone to pick for me obviously). I'm aiming to compare breadth of clinical experiences/exposure at each school's...
  5. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

  6. S

    NYU or Maryland?

    Hello everyone. I'm having a hard time deciding between NYU and UMB. I'm a Maryland resident, so yes large cost difference. However, I don't like Baltimore and if it doesn't negatively affect my education or cripple me with debt in the future, the extra $ may be worth it for me to live the last...
  7. D

    University of Maryland Baltimore 2018 Waitlist

    I was put on the waitlist on December 11th, 2017. I have a 3.7 GPA and over 500 outpatient/ pediatric/ and SNF observation hours. Does anyone know how well the waitlist for UMB moves? They don't give out numbers/rankings.
  8. Pyraeus

    UPenn Vs. Uni of Maryland - HELP!

    Hey Guys! I am grateful to have been accepted to both UMB (Maryland) and Penn because these are both my top choices. I received a $20k/year Dean's Scholarship from Penn, but UMB is my in-state school and much cheaper. I have a hard time to decide between these two. If any students (or...
  9. I

    PCAT RESULTS (retake?)

    Hi all. Took the PCAT yesterday and got the following scores: Bio - 85% Chem - 61% Reading - 99% Quant - 77% Composite - 89% I want to go to the University of Maryland but I got a relatively low chemistry percentile. Their website says that the average PCAT score of the students admitted in...
  10. N

    University of Maryland Dental School Waitlist Question

    Does anybody have a rough estimate of approximately how many people get placed on the waitlist every year at Maryland and if there is much movement for in state or out of state waitlisted applicants? Wanted to know for myself and others. Thanks!
  11. C

    Has anyone heard from Maryland since 1/20?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has received any acceptances, waitlists, or rejections from Maryland since 1/20. The school has been silent and a lot of post December interviewees (including myself) are waiting to hear back. The expected wait time according to admissions was said to be not set and...
  12. E

    Maryland or NYU ?

    Hey y'all - is anyone else in this predictiment? I just want to know other people's thoughts. I was accepted to both programs and I'm not instate for Maryland. Just looking for opinions from students or people who are also looking into both of these programs! Everyone always talks money about...