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Apr 20, 2018
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Hello people of SDN! I am deciding between UMSOM and GWU medical schools and am looking for some guidance and more info before I decide. I'm pretty torn (though I'm not asking anyone to pick for me obviously).

I'm aiming to compare breadth of clinical experiences/exposure at each school's clinical sites, match lists (how many people get their top choice?), lifestyles in D.C. and Baltimore and at these 2 schools, student vibes, and teaching style/curriculum. Any thoughts on these topics or anything else?

Some background info:

1) I'm in-state at Maryland, but received a scholarship from GWU, so they cost about the same tuition-and-fee-wise. Cost of living in D.C. would likely be more than in Baltimore, though I'm not sure HOW much more yet.

2) The distance from my home is the same -- GWU is just more convenient being on the metro line. I'm not going to commute for at least the first 2 years. I am more familiar with D.C. than Baltimore but have not lived in either place before. Both areas seem to have fun things going on and great food. Baltimore feels less safe to me, which could be an inconvenience being out late in general.

3) I don't know yet what field I want to go into or where I want my medical career to be, but I have an interest in learning about health disparities, public health, community service, and women's health. I'd like a school that would allow me to have exposure to various specialties and not limit me in too many fields; to my knowledge, the clinical sites at GWU and UMB are both pretty good in multiple fields?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks! c:

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