1. P

    UMSL Part I board pass rates last year?

    Last year UMSL slipped a lot and had a board pass rate of 64% for part I. I'd really like to go to UMSL for financial reasons and because I like it in general but this is really concerning to me. If this proves to be a bad idea, I've also been accepted to ICO and UAB for this cycle so I have...
  2. S

    Undergrad Help

    Hello, A little bit of background for myself. I went to school for one year right out of high school and decided it wasn't for me. I worked for a retail eye care center in the area and decided to make optometry my career path. I'm working on setting myself up financially to go back to school...
  3. N

    UMSL Question - Risks of reapplying

    Basically, I applied to UMSL very, very late (on optomcas deadline, scores received on the very last day possible 2/15) and not too surprisingly did not receive an interview. I assume most spots were likely filled and the remaining few are given to stronger applicants. I have recently been...
  4. O

    Midwestern - IL vs. UMSL vs. Indiana

    So I've been accepted to all 3 and I am having a hard time deciding between them. Mainly it is between Missouri and Midwestern. I live driving distance from Midwestern so I wouldn't even have to move, and I do have confidence in the program there. I am not worried about it's accreditation. I...
  5. oklahomasooner

    Optometry laws per state?

    How can I find which states permits Optometrists do perform minor surgeries? I have been invited to interview in NSU (Oklahoma) and UMSL (St. Louis, Missouri). I know Oklahoma has the most progressive optometry laws, however, I have no idea about UMSL. Would I be able to perform minor...
  6. oklahomasooner

    Is my OAT score and application competitive?

    My scores were: Bio: 300 Chem: 330 O. Chem: 310 Reading: 310 Physics: 300 QR: 310 AA: 310 TS: 310 My GPA is about 3.2 cumulative and science. However, I have A LOT of extracurricular activities and shadowing experiences. Over 100 hours shadowing optometry, and 7 different extracurricular...