UMSL Question - Risks of reapplying

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Mar 24, 2017
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Basically, I applied to UMSL very, very late (on optomcas deadline, scores received on the very last day possible 2/15) and not too surprisingly did not receive an interview. I assume most spots were likely filled and the remaining few are given to stronger applicants. I have recently been accepted at PCO and have another interview scheduled. For various personal reasons, I am considering forfeiting my seat and reapplying to UMSL next cycle.

I was wondering if those of you accepted at UMSL could share your stats and when you applied. I want to get an idea of how I stack up and which areas I should focus on improving if I go this route. I have a 3.4 GPA (3.0 Science). OAT 310/300 (bio 340, rc 340, gc 310, oc 300, phys 280, qr 310)

What do you think my chances are if I applied very early and do you think I should retake the OAT? I'm weighing the risks of waiting a year and the possibility that I will not be accepted next year. Any advice/recommendations are appreciated! Thank you!