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    Where To Go From Here?

    I applied only to Iowa this past cycle and got an interview, but was denied - I was wondering what is necessary for my application to be competitive at the schools I listed when I apply next cycle. Overall GPA: 3.35 Science GPA: 3.15 DAT score: AA: 19, BIO: 18, GC: 18, OC: 18 QR: 20, RC: 19...
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    Midwestern- IL vs. UNE

    Hello everyone, I was accepted to both of these programs yesterday and would love your opinion regarding which I should choose! Also, I still have an interview scheduled for A.T Still Missouri for mid-December. Do you recommend that I attend it? I never thought I would be in this position of...
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    I need help deciding what school

    hi, i was wondering if any of the dental students at these schools can answer any of the following questions.. thanks Schools : Roseman UT, UNE, MW Arizona, MW Illinois, MOSDOH, NYU There are somethings that I like and dislike about each school but there are somethings I need to figure out...