1. J


    Has anyone heard back from UNF? I know in past years they’ve sent out emails earlier than this but was just wondering if anyone’s gotten any information.
  2. G

    University of North Florida DPT 2018

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has heard back from UNF's DPT program? They were supposed to send out interview selections today, but haven't received an email yet. Thanks!
  3. O

    Have you heard of a UCF or UNF student getting into a top tier med school? Will they hurt my chances

    Hey guys. I am currently trying to finalize my undergrad college decisions. I have received several acceptances to fairly decent universities (UCF, UNF, UPitt, VTech, PennSt), but have been unable to make a choice. Pitt, Penn State, and Virginia Tech are obviously far superior academically than...
  4. TfDPT16


    Hi everyone, I was Waitlisted at UNF and was wondering what my chances of actually getting a spot are? Has anyone else been Waitlisted?
  5. TfDPT16

    UNF DPT Interview

    Hi everyone! I have been invited to the UNF DPT Interview on Feburary the 13th. I was wondering if there are any previous students who have advice or others who have attended in previous years? I have been to other DPT interviews however, none that were a group setting! Any advice is appreciated!