1. O

    Medical Schools with Emphasis on Last 32-60 Credits

  2. D

    CC pre-reqs for UCLA?

    Hi, Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful on this forum. I'm currently a sophomore at a CC who is looking at pre-reqs for dental schools, and the guidelines for UCLA is a little confusing. It is stated that "only 3 credits/4 quarters" is accepted, but I'm not too sure what that means...
  3. ancora imparo

    Help with credit conversion/prerequisite!

    Hi all. I'm finishing up a post bac program at a university on the semester system. Right before starting, I took a 4 unit chemistry course at a UC extension school which uses the quarter system. My post bac school considers this equivalent to their gen chem 1, and allowed me to move on to Gen...
  4. Delilah1106

    BCPM credits worth more in JC compared to university

    Hi all, I'll be applying to medical school in a couple of years and I had some concerns regarding the differences in credits assigned to BCPM courses at my junior college versus my university. I started off at a junior college and performed poorly in a few BCPM courses and each were worth 5...