BCPM credits worth more in JC compared to university

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Dec 24, 2015
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Hi all,

I'll be applying to medical school in a couple of years and I had some concerns regarding the differences in credits assigned to BCPM courses at my junior college versus my university. I started off at a junior college and performed poorly in a few BCPM courses and each were worth 5 units--the labs and classes were lumped together and one letter grade was earned for both. After transferring to a university, I've been getting mostly A's in my BCPM courses, however, they are worth less. For example, my biology course was only worth 3 units and the lab was separate and worth 1.

My question is, when AMCAS calculates my BCPM GPA, will my poor grades in JC worth 5 units outweigh my higher grades at the university that are worth less units? I completed about half of my BCPM courses at the JC and have finished/am working on the rest at the university. Thanks!

Side note: My GPA at the JC was a 3.1, I transferred to a university as a bioengineer and graduated with a 3.51. I am now pursuing a second bachelors in molecular cell biology--I considered doing a postbac but the second bachelors was a better fit for me and my situation.