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    Wayne State vs Toledo vs LSU New Orleans

    I’d love to hear your perspectives to help me make my decision. I am a California resident who would like to match back to California. My main interests specialty-wise are orthopedics, interventional radiology, and diagnostic radiology. Wayne State University School of Medicine Pros: P/F...
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    University of Toledo MSBS Application Thread 2018-2019 Class (SMP)

    Hi all! I did not see a thread for this SMP so I decided to make one. I was accepted to this program and consider it one of my top choices, if not the top. Reading from previous years it seems that a large portion of the class matriculates directly into the University of Toledo Medical and Life...
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    UT (Toledo) Fall 2018 P1 Class

    I don't see anyone ever talking about my school so I figured I would start a thread. This upcoming admission cycle will be the first time UT's pharmacy school will be accepting applications through PharmCAS and taking students that aren't UT students. I'm just curious as to how many other non-UT...
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    UToledo Pharmacy Requirements

    I am currently at BGSU, and I am looking to transfer to the Universitybif Toledo next fall. I really want to get into the pharmacy program, but I also don't know what classes I should be taking. Does anyone know what classes are required by the pharmacy program, or even a link to them?