1. D

    Meeting with a representative???

    This is my first semester of freshman year. I have articulated enough dual credits from high school to make my class standing as a junior, so I receive all emails designated for upperclassmen. I received an email stating there is a Loma Linda Dental School representative coming to campus next...
  2. Lunel

    Need Advice: DAT tomorrow!

    Hi everyone, I would really like some advice. :( Tomorrow I am writing the Canadian DAT for the first time and I am completely unprepared (Note: I have written the American one before and scored TS 21/AA 20). I am taking 6 classes and since all my midterms aligned around this time, I prepared...
  3. @

    Tips for college for a HS terrible student

    Hi, I'll be entering University this January. I'll be majoring in Anthropology. It would have been in August but during my senior year in HS I didn't apply to any American Schools. I applied to a bunch of 6 Yr MD programs in Europe. I got into a few of them after the entrance exams but the ones...