Meeting with a representative???

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Oct 5, 2018
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This is my first semester of freshman year. I have articulated enough dual credits from high school to make my class standing as a junior, so I receive all emails designated for upperclassmen. I received an email stating there is a Loma Linda Dental School representative coming to campus next week and that pre-Dent students should sing up and make an appointment. No anyone did, so later I was encouraged as an underclassman to sign up. I am meeting with this representative for half and hour (half of the normal time) and I don't even know what this appointment is. Does anyone know what we're going to talk about? They needed my uncompleted transcript. What should I wear? Is there anything I need to prepare for? The only information I received is below.

Good morning [my name],

In one week, we will be hosting the representatives of Loma Linda School of Dentistry on campus. They would like to meet with pre-Dent students.

Last week, [my school's administrative assistant] invited students to sign up for an appointment. As yet, there have been NO takers!

There are 12 one-hour time slots. That means we could fit in 12 interviews for students hoping to start dental school next fall.

But it also means that we can fit two younger students into each hour—you are welcome to sign up for a consultation!

Please email [my school's administrative assistant] for a time slot: [email address].