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  1. J

    [Canadian] UDM vs. Louisville (OOS)

    I was accepted into UofL a couple months ago.. but now I have also gotten into UDM. I dont know which I should pick. Some things that are important to me are: -where I can be most successful (is one less difficult/stressful than the other?) -where I will be put in a positive position to...
  2. DreamingOfDentistry

    VCU or Louisville ?!

    I hate to be that person but I am so torn! I've read previous threads about others making this decision. I have not heard from my in state school (Tennessee) so I could get an acceptance there later or it could be a rejection. I like to think I'm one of the bright ones whom if I heard back from...
  3. CardsDMDOMS

    University of Louisville OMFS - Anything Relevant

    Hi all, I'm currently a 3rd year dental student interested in OMFS. I'm from Louisville and am considering UofL for residency. If you could tell me anything about the program that might be helpful, it would be greatly appreciated. Please be candid. How does the scope of training compare to...