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  1. DocHopeful1

    My Vulnerable and Personal Caribbean Medical School Journey

    This is for my Pre-Meds and Non-Traditional students considering a Caribbean medical school. Fair warning, this is going to be a long post, but it will be my personal unbiased journey. I have no secret agenda; I am not trying to convince you to do one thing or another. I will be keeping it 100%...
  2. C

    Other what are my chances of matching

    Hello, I am an IMG with step1-205/(1st attempt); step 2 CS-PASS (1st attempt); step 2ck- 215 (2nd attempt), 6yrs from graduation Strong research and administrative experience 2.5 publications, 1award, 1 USCE, 5+ Observerships Excellent LORs. excellent extracurriculars. No sponsorship...
  3. Dranonymous814

    Residency probability for old IMGs

    I graduated in 2013, step 1 in 220s, Ck 230s. CS done, doing step 3 now, planning to finish by April. US IMG. have few rotations. Do i stand any chance in Match 2020 IM residency, really worried, any input is much appreciated. Thanks
  4. sosalubrious

    US IMG graduate didn't match in 2018, repeat applicant: need residency advice

    Okay so I'm a US/Caribbean grad from 2016, ECFMG certified. Here is my time-line: Step 1: 218, Step 2 ck: 205; 235. CS: pass on 2nd attempt; Step 3: 208 Had scheduled ck and cs to be right after finishing surgery and IM back to back in 2 different states-did not receive timely/decent advice...
  5. Domek

    International MD/PhD Program

    Hi everyone, I'm an M1 at an international 4-year MD program. This particular program has offered me the option of doing an accelerated 5-year MD/PhD. I'm not entirely sure how this would work...from what I understand, I would be doing some kind of research alongside the regular 4-year...
  6. cellexp

    BOTH US IMG Study Buddy

    Hey, I'm looking for a US IMG to study with. I'm just starting and would like a motivating study partner or partners. To be clear, I'm not a recent grad; obstacles got in the way. But, I'm pushing past it all to clear all these tests and move on. If you're interested, I'm in California, but...