1. Asclepius293

    Low Step 1, 1 week late STEP 2 CK on ERAS

    Hey all, Applying family medicine as US MD this cycle. 212 on STEP 1. Going to take STEP 2 next week, submit my application 9/29, then update programs with STEP 2 score on 10/6. I realize that I’ll be at a disadvantage with the low step 1 and no step 2 score with possibly getting screened out...
  2. S

    Failed Step 3 during ERAS application, and did not match. What now?

    Hi guys, IMG applying for General Surgery, didn’t match this past cycle. I planned to take (and pass) Step 3 before Match day, but ended up failing (Score 197). I took Step 3 again and I’m currently waiting for the score report. I am trying to prepare for next cycle and be smart(er). UPDATE: I...
  3. frenchfries02

    African-Canadian Applying USMD - Check URM?

    Hello all, I've searched this question and haven't found a definitive answer. I'm applying to MD schools in which internationals are either put in the same pool as everyone (mostly private schools) or are categorized as out-of-state. I am black and I was wondering if I would be considered URM...
  4. C

    Canadian applicant to USMD tGPA: 3.80, sGPA: 3.70, aoGPA: 3.91, MCAT: 513 - 127/126/129/131

    Any schools to avoid (i.e. schools that are Canadian-friendly, but do NOT ever end up accepting Canadians) based on solid data or anecdotes? Canadian USMD applicants, where have you interviewed and what were your stats? Mine are the following: Currently attending University of Toronto (#1...
  5. M

    Nontraditional - Do I have a chance?

    delete post
  6. M

    Reapplicant feeling lost- Caribbean as a back up?

    Hello hello, This is my current situation: Stats: GPA 4.0 over-all MCAT: 1st time= 490, 2nd time= 495, took Kaplan Course then took 3rd time= 495 I have great LOR, have plenty of shadowing,research, volunteer, and health care related job experience. First time college graduate and aspiring...
  7. S

    Canadian student: USMD, USDO, International?

    Hey all, I'm a Canadian student, just graduated from my science undergrad. I am currently in the process of figuring out which route I want to take... it's incredibly stressful. My cGPA is a 3.65, GPA with lowest year dropped (first year) is a 3.85 MCAT is a 509, currently rewriting. My...
  8. S

    What to do? Low first year. Canadian getting into Medical School?

    Hi! I am currently in my 4th year of undergrad in Bio Sciences, attending a university in Alberta. As I'm reaching the end of my undergrad studies, I am trying to weigh my options of what I should do. My GPA is in an upward trend from my first year which was quite poor: Year 1: 3.0 Year 2: 3.77...
  9. M

    Canadian USMD Applicant, School List Additions/Help

  10. H

    Help with school list (Canadian)

    Could somebody please give me feedback on my school list? Here's a short summary of my stats: - Undergrad at U Toronto with a Physiology Specialist, consistent upward trend, cGPA at 3.63 (3.8 without first year). Similar sGPA, but my first year pre-reqs are obv on the low side. - Wrote old MCAT...