1. Sheneman


    I am having trouble deciding between two schools. It is literally dead even. University of Houston College of Pharmacy has a ton of perks: +Brand new building for the incoming class of next year. +Texas Medical Center next door to COP +Tons of Research opportunies +Tons of Organizations/Pharmacy...
  2. P

    UT Austin Class of 2020

    Hey! I noticed that UT Austin didn't have a thread for this years cycle yet and since it is one of my top choices I wanted to create one! Hopefully there are more of you out there that are also wanting to apply here! :)
  3. L

    What are my chances? (statistics)

    So I'm applying this fall to three Pharmacy schools: University of Texas, Texas Tech, and University of Houston and am super nervous about getting in because of a few factors that I am very embarrassed to have. My first choice school is UT austin but I am afraid I am not going to get in because...