1. try1ng

    UTSA Dental School Course Retakes

    Hi, I am thinking about retaking Biochemistry 1 as a postbacc at a different school from the school I got my bachelor's at. I heard that UTSA takes the highest and most current grade if you retake a course, but I'm not sure if it applies if you retake the course at a different school. At the...
  2. U

    Texas Schools

    Hello, I fortunately prematched at four texas schools: UTSW UTMB McGovern UTSA (only recently prematched on dec 31st) I am trying to accurately gauge how much I want to go to each of the schools but it is hard to do because apparently most don't release financial aid information/...
  3. K

    UT Arlington or UTSA for pre med? Chem major

    I am trying to decide on which school to go for pre med. I'm a senior in high school. I am also learning just how expensive college is. UTA offered me more in scholarships than UTSA. I want to know which school will offer me more research opportunities and where I will be more prepared for med...