1. Silly Goose

    LMU DCOM vs. VCOM-Carolinas vs. KPCOM-Clearwater (Nova, Davie is full)

    I have been accepted to DCOM and VCOM, interviewed at KPCOM recently (should be hearing from them soon idk though, it was pretty brutal). Weighing the pros and cons and would love some input! I share which direction I'm leaning so I can get your raw opinion.
  2. D

    VCOM Campuses

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could help out and give their opinions on the different campuses and what the positives/negatives are for each. They now have a Louisiana campus making the decision between the 4 campuses harder. Thank you so much!
  3. S


    VCOM - CC + Cheaper tuition ~$45,500 + Less moving throughout medical school + Clinical experiences every Friday + Clinical years spent in hospitals + 100% Match rate + Cheap cost of living - Mandatory lecture attendance - Letter grading system - Far away from home ATSU - SOMA + I'm from...
  4. U

    Applying late to D.O schools 2018 matriculation

    Hello everyone is anybody currently applying for D.O schools right now if so have you gotten secondaries or interviews especially from VCOM Virginia and Carolinas ? *If your excepted or had your interview please share your experience.
  5. D


    Hey guys, I would like to get the opinion of the people here at SDN on these two schools. I have acceptances from each one. I'm trying to sit down and figure out which school would be best for me in every aspect (money, distance, etc.). Maybe you guys can help me figure this out. Thanks...
  6. D


    Hi everyone, I have to ask you for some advice. So I've been accepted to VCOM-South Carolina and ATSU KCOM in Kirksville. I need to decide by this Friday between these two schools, and was hoping you had some advice or have heard a little bit about these schools. I loved so many things about...