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Feb 3, 2017
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Hey guys,

I would like to get the opinion of the people here at SDN on these two schools. I have acceptances from each one. I'm trying to sit down and figure out which school would be best for me in every aspect (money, distance, etc.). Maybe you guys can help me figure this out. Thanks!

-Brand new campus housing for medical students. (good!)
-13 hr drive from home :(
-Expensive tuition ($63,000) not including the cost of living. But they gave me a 10% scholarship award for tuition.
-New campus (2years) but old main campus (1977), so more reputable?
-Rotations are a bit unknown at this time
-Direct access to A-State campus with all the amenities and meal plan. ( I can't cook)
-Already had to pay the $1500 deposit because I didn't want to lose my spot while I waited to hear back from other school's.
-Smaller class (115)

-Older campus at about 7 years but newer main campus (2002).
-5.5 hour drive from home :)
-Lower tuition. COA is only (~$75,000)
-Requires research to be completed before graduation. (Not so bad, but it's a pain)
-Spartanburg is a plus. Better than Jonesboro IMO.
-No campus housing and not affiliated with another school that's nearby. I know they are associated with Clemson University but it is a 1.5 hr drive.
-Medical outreach program. Something I would definitely be into.
-Has Block learning so I don't know how I feel about that.
-Really pushes towards primary care which is something I don't want to pursue. (Interested in Anesthesiology or Radiology at the moment).
-Have to get more immunizations completed than NYIT-COM and also have to be BLS certified which is not required for NYIT-COM.
-Larger class (162)

If you guys can come up with other points, I'll gladly listen. Please let me know your honest opinion.



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Oct 24, 2011
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VCOM-CC all the way

Too much risk with NYIT-AR since ARCOM just opened as well. 2 new schools in a state like Arkansas doesn't look good for the quality of clinical rotations.
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Jun 8, 2016
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VCOM-CC times 1000,000,000,ooo
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Jul 15, 2015
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Definitely sounds like you favor VCOM in your list.

I concur with the above; VCOM all the way (no comparison.)

The research requirement from VCOM will help you in the long run; definitely a (+) in my book. And that $1,500 deposit you paid at NYIT? It'll be a drop in the bucket years from now; do not let that hold any weight in this decision. I also wouldn't recommend letting what you may be interested in now (gas & rads) influence you too much... word on the street is most of us will have our interests change as we work through our four years. And even if VCOM pushes primary care, in the long run you can go into whatever you want.

Congrats on your success!
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Feb 3, 2017
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Thanks so much for your thoughts and opinions! I also agree that VCOM would be a much better fit for me. Too much Pro's to be ignored like tuition and distance from home. I will be withdrawing my acceptance from NYIT-COM (AR) and accept VCOM's offer. It's going to be an exciting 4 years ahead for all of us. I am so excited to begin. Best of luck to all :)
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