1. VanillaClassic

    Touro-Nevada vs UIWSOM

    Hello, I am here to get some feedback from both schools. I am having a hard time trying to decide between the two schools. I am from Texas and plan to come back to Texas after medical school. For specialties, I am leaning away from PC and more towards anesthesiology or orthopedics. UIWSOM (San...
  2. M

    Dell vs UTSW 2019

    Both are great schools, and I loved the interview day, facilities, and meeting the students. However, I am torn between the two - which to rank as my #1. I am not entirely sure which specialty I will be going for, but there's a high chance I would like to do something like Derm, Optho, or...
  3. FutureNeuro328

    How would you rate the University of Colorado Denver's medical school in comparison to some top scho

    I'm currently weighing my my top school choices. I absolutely love UC Denver's location. I love Colorado, and I love the Rockies. However, I'm also considering program strength and reputation. Perhaps, that is not the best way of thinking. I think I'd be much happier in Denver compared to the...
  4. futurehealthcarecompanion

    Brown vs. Rochester

    Hello! Long time lurker here. Grateful to be in a position of having options. As the deadline looms, I am having difficulty making my decision, and I would love some insight on Warren Alpert (Brown) and Rochester. I found during my interviews the two schools to be very similar and enjoyed both...
  5. elderflowers

    Harvard vs. Yale vs. UMichigan

    Hi everyone! Never thought I'd be posting something like this! I got way more love with my applications than I was expecting, which is making the decision making process really difficult. Being of really low income, cost is my number one concern in deciding where to go. These are my three most...
  6. P

    Florida or Maryland

    Deciding between Florida and Maryland for dental school. I'm a Florida resident but very interested in going out of state. Has anyone else been tossing between these two schools? What tipped your decision from choosing one over the other? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  7. J

    Help for deciding the next four years: NSU-COM vs. KCUMB

    Hi All, Thanks for all the input. Have been in SDN for about 5 years and first time post. I have had the honor to be accepted by multiple medical school this year. This is my third time applying and I am very glad to finally move on to the next stage. I was able to narrow down my acceptances...
  8. P

    LECOM Post Bac or MBS at RWJ?

    I have been accepted to the LECOM post bac and RWJ MBS program. I am having trouble deciding which one to attend for my gap year. Any advice/suggestions please?
  9. J

    Jefferson vs. Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson

    I narrowed down my school list to Jefferson and RWJMS. I am an NJ resident, so the difference in tuition will be about 15k per year (60k over the 4 years). Either way, both schools are going to put me over 200k in debt. It'll be 200k for RWJMS vs. about 260k for Jefferson. I liked Jefferson...
  10. T

    Rochester v. UMass v. GW

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide between Rochester, Umass, and GW. Interest in IM and Psychiatry. Leaning away from GW because they give grades during Preclinical. I'm also on the Waitlist at NYU, and am curious if I should hold out for that and/or put a bunch of effort into trying to get off the...
  11. itsJazz

    Human vs Animal vs Comparative A&P

    I was planning to take human A&P before taking the DAT (next cycle), but all my pre-dental peers talk about taking comparative versus regular animal physiology/vertebrate anatomy, so I can't really get much of a comparison among the three. Granted, since I'm not a biology major, human A&P is...
  12. L

    SLU v. UICOM-P

    Hi all, As Decision Day approaches, I am reaching out to you all to see if you have any insight on the medical programs at Saint Louis University and University of Illinois, Peoria. Since I am a California resident, I would also love to get insight from Californians going to school in the Mid...
  13. R

    What looks better on your application: research experience or work experience?

    This topic might exist, but I have problems finding it. Anyway, I have been denied from Boston University dental school, even though I went for an interview there in November. I asked why, and the reason for them not accepting you was apparently because I didn't have research experience...
  14. NewTab

    URM admissions

    So this is my theory why affirmative action is bad (please tell me if my thinking is misguided) Asians are subjected to much stricter admissions guidelines, so the asian population in med school is smarter Blacks are subjected to LESS strict admisions guidelines, so the black population in med...