vet med

  1. aen07

    Materials for First Year of Vet School

    Hi! Wondering if people had any suggestions for things to buy for 1st year vet med. I know the list will vary a bit between schools, but any suggestions or things that you found useful would be helpful! Thanks
  2. L

    WesternU 2024 Applicants VET MED

    Hi. Just got an interview offer. First one. Let’s support each other with information!
  3. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  4. C

    VET school worth it ?

    I appreciate all the feedback and input, Thank you. My question has been answered.
  5. Caterpillar

    Vet student blogs?

    Anyone know of any current vet student blogs? I'm having a hard time finding any that are up to date when I search through google and old forum posts.
  6. D

    Best route to take before applying to Vet school?

    Hello! Thanks for reading my thread. I was wondering which route I should take that would give me the highest chance of getting into vet school. I have 3 semesters left after this one (depending on what I do) and I'm starting to stress. I'm in my fifth year at UT, although I technically took a...
  7. randombird

    DVM post-vet school: is it worth it?

    (EDIT: Title is supposed to say Phd post vet school. Oops.) Hey all! I'm a 4th year eyeing the prospects of what all is out there post graduation. I love birds, and I want to work with birds, and as long as birds are in the picture I'll work with just about any other species too. I recently saw...
  8. M

    Cornell's Early Acceptance Program

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum, after browsing through what seems like hundreds of threads. As an aspiring veterinarian, I am just wondering if anyone has had any experiences applying to Cornell Vet School's Early Acceptance Program. How competitive is it and what...
  9. FLVettrain

    Recommend volunteering at Vet Clinic?

    I applied for a Vet Tech full-time positions which says they'll train. The Vet asked me if I'd be willing to volunteer for a while before being hired. I don't have Vet experience. It seems certification isn't required in Florida. I'm guessing it's unpaid. Not sure how different it is from a...
  10. TrueBlueHound

    Army Vet Corps HPSP 2016 Selected Applicants

    Just got my Board Select letter and packet of forms in the mail. I'd love to get in touch with other vet students who also got the scholarship this year. What's next for you guys?
  11. VulneraSanentura

    Off the waitlist: Vet med 2016

    Can't find one for this year, and I'd like to see how it works out for everyone! I got waitlisted by Mizzou and Illinois, haven't heard anything from either (though U of I just sent out their initial acceptance/waitlist letters, so that's not surprising). How's the waitlist purgatory going for...
  12. J

    Med vs. Vet vs. Dent vs. Opt. PLEASE HELP!

    Hey Everyone, I'm a Canadian student currently nearing the deadline to apply to university. I've always wanted to be a veterinarian all my life, since a) I love animals, b) I love science and I find the study of disease and how the body functions absolutely fascinating and c) I want a job that...
  13. R

    Thinking of dropping out

    Dear people of the Student Doctor forums, I am in my second year of veterinary medicine in the Netherlands (here we go straight from high school to university to study veterintary medicine for 6 years, after this we are fully qualified vets), but I am not sure whether to continue or not. Here...