vet prep

  1. Peritwinkle

    How many hours is "enough"?

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum; I've been reading a lot of threads lately as a guest, which has been so helpful in figuring out the process to get into vet school, so thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and being such a resource for us newbies! :happy...
  2. K

    Black or white, in or out

    Hello, I posted here a while ago, next week a very important test will decide if I'll be a vet in the future or not. This is my second time trying, the first time, as you can see now, I did so bad (well not that bad but still i'm here writing so) and i'm so freaking nervous because there isn't...
  3. D

    Best route to take before applying to Vet school?

    Hello! Thanks for reading my thread. I was wondering which route I should take that would give me the highest chance of getting into vet school. I have 3 semesters left after this one (depending on what I do) and I'm starting to stress. I'm in my fifth year at UT, although I technically took a...
  4. FindingGerald

    Efficient timeline for Zoo Medicine?

    Hi, I'm new to the boards here and am an aspiring Zoo Veterinarian, basically I would love to work with exotic animals, preferably mammals and marsupials, in a Zoo setting or something like SeaWorld if I was to go into the marine mammals area. That's my primary goal - though I'm open to other...
  5. FLVettrain

    Recommend volunteering at Vet Clinic?

    I applied for a Vet Tech full-time positions which says they'll train. The Vet asked me if I'd be willing to volunteer for a while before being hired. I don't have Vet experience. It seems certification isn't required in Florida. I'm guessing it's unpaid. Not sure how different it is from a...
  6. SecretSafe

    Colorado State Vet Prep Program

    So I just received my rejection letter from CSU :( However, I still have hope that maybe I will get a call to be admitted into the vet prep program. I think I am a good candidate: military veteran, non-traditional 27 year old applicant, proven financial hardships, and first generation college...