veterinary medicine

  1. dogtor27

    Low GRE. What Are My Chances?

    Hello, this is my VERY first time posting on here so I am not so sure how this works haha. The schools i’m applying to are: Tuskegee, LSU, Ohio, Virginia/Maryland, Kansas, and Missouri I have a GPA of 3.8, but my GRE score is a 293 I obviously already submitted my application. but i was just...
  2. Berlin16

    Future Vet Med Student Looking for Advice

    I recently was accepted to both Midwestern University and Mississippi State University. I am so grateful for the opportunity, however it has been very stressful trying to decide where to go. After I interviewed at Midwestern University, everything about it felt right. The location, the people...
  3. O

    University of Edinburgh R(D)SVS C/o 2023 Hopefulls

    Hey Everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Edinburgh's vet school so I decided to start it here! I'm personally an American student who applied to the GEP 4 year program and got an interview so I was very interested in hearing from others about this as well--especially does anyone know how many...
  4. max_wildlife

    Wildlife DVM/PhD?

    Hi all, So I'm currently a Master's environmental science student with a focus on wildlife health and biology. I'm also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. I've worked as a wildlife assistant and technician in varying capacities over the past 6 years and I've racked up a lot of professional...
  5. Inocencia

    Application Improvement

    Hi everyone! I did not get in to any U.S. vet schools this year. I already graduated with my bachelors (3.0 GPA), with 2000 hours of experience in 2 fields (shelter and wildlife), and a 304 best GRE score. I want to improve my application for next year. I am looking to sign up for GRE online...
  6. LoveForAllThingsFurry

    Cummings School of Vet Med Schedule

    Hey guys! I'm going to be applying for vet school this year and Tufts is my dream school! I was just wondering what your course schedule is like (for all years!) and a description of each course, what they allow you to do, etc... Just want to know what I'm getting myself into :) thanks!
  7. F

    Vet students and veterinarians, what are the grossest things you’ve seen in the field?

    Mine without a doubt is parasite removal. It makes my skin crawl. I am starting to watch videos to numb myself to it, but it’s still hard. It’s weird because I can handle pretty much anything else. I’m especially fascinated by surgery. I thought it’d be interesting to see what gross things...
  8. TopGun86

    University of Illinois-CVM - Application C/O 2022

    Hey y'all, Who else is applying to UI-CVM this cycle?
  9. A

    Recommended Masters Programs

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on Masters programs that look great for vet school but also allows a Plan B if vet school doesn't work out. I am currently studying Animal Science in undergrad. I had a meeting with an advisor at the vet school I am interested in, and he recommended to me a...
  10. F

    How many hours of vet/animal experience do you have?

    I recently decided I want to start pre-veterinary medicine in January. I looked at qualifications to be accepted into vet school and hours/experience was one of them. I recently got a job at a pet hotel/daycare/spa center. What makes me nervous is, it's not a vet setting. This is my first job...
  11. S

    What are my chances?

    Hi Guys! I have a 3.49 GPA and I just took the GRE and I got V: 148 (38%) and Q:151 (43%) =( I am in the honors program, pre-vet president, do two research labs, and interned at the virginia department of agriculture as well as the national zoo. I have also working as a vet assistant in a...
  12. J

    Do I have any hope to get into vet school?

    I'm a sophomore at a university and currently have two C's. One of them I am trying to see if I can bump it to a B because I got a 79.6. Stupid, right? However, for my current quarter, fall quarter, I'm estimated to have 3 C's. One of them I'm planning to not take the final because I want to...
  13. mollyandcody

    Official Acceptances c/o 2020

    I saw an Official Rejection thread for the c/o 2020...so I thought I'd make an official acceptance thred! Just include your username, mode of acceptance (e.g. email, snail mail, portal), and the date you received your acceptance. Let's hope we all get in to our top schools :) UNITED STATES...
  14. R

    Thinking of dropping out

    Dear people of the Student Doctor forums, I am in my second year of veterinary medicine in the Netherlands (here we go straight from high school to university to study veterintary medicine for 6 years, after this we are fully qualified vets), but I am not sure whether to continue or not. Here...
  15. V

    I need advice, and I need guidance...

    Hello all, I am a 21 year old traditional student at Western Kentucky University (Go Tops), and i have a serious issue. I am a transfer from Louisville, and I had a very bad experience there. I had family issues, and in general life got in the way of my grades. I currently have a 2.4 GPA and I...
  16. vetstudent25

    Western U CVM c/o 2020

    Hey everyone! Just starting this to connect people who have applied to Western U CVM this year. Applications were due quite a while ago, or so it seems like. Has anyone heard back yet? EDIT: There has already been a Western c/o 2020 forum started. It can be found here...