1. ridethecliche

    Scathing Call Out of NRMP Violations

    Just saw this pop up on the interwebs recently and thought it made a pretty compelling point re: programs violating the NRMP rules. Discuss.. Assuring Integrity in the Residency Match Process : Academic Medicine (as scathing as one could theoretically be in a journal lol)
  2. O

    Worried about my privacy and being targeted by my school

    Hi everyone, pending
  3. W

    Alcohol Violation on AMCAS

    Hi all, I've seen many threads about people with freshman year alcohol violations (not ticket, just institutional action). It looks like I may be given an alcohol violation (alcohol probation for 1 semester) and I am going into my senior year. I wasn't found drinking or anything, but we had...
  4. R

    Should I disclose an infraction if it is never asked for?

    I have an infraction which is about a year and a half old which is classified as a civil ordinance violation (not a felony or misdemeanor). I will be applying to med schools next year. The AMCAS only asked about misdemeanors and felonies and most of the secondaries that I have started looking...