washington state

  1. B

    OTC contraceptives now free in Washington state

    Over-the-Counter Contraceptives Are Now Free for Washingtonians With Insurance Any Washingtonian pharmacists try to run a claim for OTC contraceptives yet? What are the limitations? Like, how many condoms can one person get at a time?
  2. S

    Primary Care or Urgent Care Job Hunt - Is there a classifieds?

    I'm in search of a job in Primary Care or Urgent Care in Washington state. I was curious if anyone is aware of a commonly used and well-kept "classifieds" website that exists for these specialties. I'm finding that the big groups advertise on their websites, but I'd like to keep in mind any...
  3. W

    Residency, Washington State Resident Status & Voting

    Hello, I am a Washington State resident and an MS2 at a school in Pennsylvania. I went to undergrad out of state as well. During my med school application cycle I applied to UWSOM, and put together a UW state residency application to officially establish my status as a Washingtonian despite my...
  4. brownswissfanatic

    WSU (Washington State) C/O 2021 Applicants

    Hello! Anyone else applying for WSU (Washington State)? I'm OOS. 2nd time applying for Vet school, but first time applying for WSU.
  5. D

    Dismissed non-traffic infraction and license question

    Hey sdn, I was recently found to be innocent of a non-traffic infraction in Washington state with open/consume marijuana in a public place and had the infraction dismissed. Now I did not smoke anything, but was hanging out with a friend who was. I'm a first year pharmacy student getting ready...
  6. D

    Civil Infraction Marijuana Related, Licensing issues?

    Hey SDN, Do you guys know if a civil infraction (non-traffic) open/consume marijuana in public will hurt my chances of getting my pharmacy license/intern license? I'm a first year pharmacy student in Washington State. Was never arrested, and it won't show up on my criminal record nor my...
  7. A

    Washington state MPJE

    I will be taking the Washington MPJE within the next month. I have sorted through the 584 pages of laws but haven't found it extremely helpful. Does anyone have a condensed list or study guide of what to focus on? I haven't practiced in Washington...coming from Mississippi I really have no...
  8. L

    wsu spokane

    Has anyone gotten an interview to washington state? They emailed me "Thank you for submitting your application and supporting information to Washington State University College of Pharmacy. Your application is now complete and will be reviewed shortly" I just want to know already dammit