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    WAMC Canadian 4.0 GPA/510 MCAT

    Hello everyone! I am a Canadian student looking to apply to Wayne State this year, possibly as Early Decision. I am looking for some guidance to see if my chances are realistic with my MCAT as an Early Decision applicant, or should I wait and rewrite my MCAT before applying? Thank you! cGPA...
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    OHSU vs Wayne State

    Hey all. I would love any input. Both schools are OOS for me(Im from California). I received a full tuition scholarship from Wayne and was just accepted to OHSU so I don’t have fin aid info from them yet. Girlfriend will be attending UMichigan for law school; so that, plus the full tuition...

    Renting Metro-Detroit Apartments for Lease

    UNFURNISHED: 1 bedroom/1 bathroom (carpet): $800/month 1 bedroom/1 bathroom (wood flooring and additional upgrades): $850/month 2 bedroom/1 bathroom: $950/month All of our apartments have the following features: Newly decorated apartment-style condos (new flooring/new paint/new light...

    1 and 2 Bedroom (furnished and unfurnished) Apartments near St. John Hospital (DETROIT)

    J.C. Miller Real Estate would very much like to provide housing options for incoming and current residents, fellows and attendings in the Metro-Detroit Area. We are a family owned and operated full service real estate and property management company. My sister and I are licensed Realtors who...
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    Wayne State BMS 2019-2019

    Hey everyone! I haven’t seen a thread for Wayne State yet and thought I’d get things going. I applied back in early March and was accepted to the program 1 week ago.
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    Stony Brook vs. Drexel

    I have recently been accepted to Stony Brook and Drexel. I'm extremely excited to get both acceptances but both of them were going through curriculum changes and I'm not sure how much of a guinea pig I want to be. Here's a summary of their changes: Drexel: They just changed from Traditional to...
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    Wayne State (Full Ride) vs Jefferson (Loans or HPSP)

    Hey all! Posed this as an extension of a military med thread I made a few days ago, but figured I'd also post it in this thread for feedback. I was recently offered full tuition at Wayne State University. However, I was also accepted to Sidney Kimmel Medical College (Thomas Jefferson...
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    MSUCHM vs. MSUCOM vs. Wayne State

    Hey everyone!! I was recently accepted MSUCOM, MSUCHM and Wayne State (btw I am from Michigan) and am looking for input from anyone who knows anything about the schools, attends them or has a friend who does! The deadline for my answer to MSUCOM is coming up really soon so any input at all would...
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    Need kind yet realistic advice ASAP. (Job conundrum + Reapplication Q)