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  1. V


    Hey :) I never thought I would make one of these posts but the whole COVID situation has given me a lot more time to think (stress) about my chances of getting into vet school and really wondering if it is possible? I'm from BC so applying to WCVM, I just graduated with a bachelor of science...
  2. C

    Can someone help me decide which summer job to pick that's best for veterinary school?

    Hi everyone! So just a bit of background: I'm a 4th year student, hoping to apply this year (perhaps next) to vet school. I'm doing a 5th year to get my GPA up (had a bad first year) and by the end of that year, I should be in good shape GPA-wise. I'm from B.C., Canada, so my goal is to get...
  3. HelloSunshine96

    WCVM/UCVM c/o 2023

    I know it's super early but I thought I'd start a thread for this upcoming application season because I'm just so excited! T-3ish months until applications start!!:p
  4. TheGirlWithTheFernTattoo

    WCVM/UCVM c/o 2022

    Applications don't start for a month, but let's get this party started! After creeping and talking on this thread for several years this will be my first year applying. Very nervous/excited, but I expect to be applying again next year and my ultimate goal is to just get an interview. :)...
  5. S

    Ubc or Usask

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on schools to do my undergrad at? I've been accepted to both UBC and USask and have been seriously considering both of them. Ubc is close to home and has a great reputation, whereas the University of Saskatchewan is two...
  6. H

    What should I do? (WCVM/ UCVM)

    Hello - I have gotten myself into a predicament. I am currently a 4th year science student in Alberta and I have struggled with my study habits all of university. I started off first year with a low 2.5 GPA, but I have managed to pull my GPA up to a 3.0 as of this current moment. I do want to...
  7. S

    WCVM/UCVM C/O 2021

    Hi guys, not much going on yet but thought I would start a thread for this year!
  8. beancat

    Canadian Vet Schools (WCVM, UCVM and OVC?)

    Hi everyone! I am going into my final year of high school next year, so I am considering my choices for university. I am currently an Alberta resident and I really want to specialize in companion animals in the future. I have a few questions about the possible vet schools I can attend! Between...
  9. vetstudent25

    Western U CVM c/o 2020

    Hey everyone! Just starting this to connect people who have applied to Western U CVM this year. Applications were due quite a while ago, or so it seems like. Has anyone heard back yet? EDIT: There has already been a Western c/o 2020 forum started. It can be found here...