whar are my chances

  1. T

    Apply this cycle or SMP?

    Hey guys, so I’m in a dilemma with wasting a ton of money and time applying and maybe not getting in or go ahead and start an SMP. Here is a little background: 3.35 gpa (upward trend of 2.7-> 3.35 over 2 years) 3.4 sgpa Practice mcat scores have been around 512 consistently. Decent amount...
  2. J

    MD & DO About to finish school with a 3.55 sGPA and a 3.64 cGPA and a 512

    Hi all, I'm about to finish undergrad in a forensic science major. I will have a 3.55 science GPA and a 3.64 GPA (3.78 non-science). I have an MCAT of 512 after retaking with an even 128 in all categories. I'd like advice on how to bolster my application or an honest opinion of where I stand on...
  3. I

    MD & DO Continue Nursing or pursue MD/DO? Chances for MD/DO? (Long read-sorry!)

    Hello everyone! I am currently an intern at a teaching hospital and am very conflicted as to whether I would enjoy being an MD or nurse more. Before I give the prospect of becoming an MD/DO any further thought, I want to know if I even have a chance. Unlike others, I currently do not have a...
  4. T

    My chances at Howard BS/MD

    So I plan on becoming a doctor and it is not likely that my career choice will change. At my high school, you can take more classes in the school year than the other high schools in the area. So much so, that as a junior, I would have taken the same amount of classes as a senior in a nearby high...
  5. B

    MD & DO 3.45 cGPA, 3.39 sGPA, 512 MCAT, UT Resident

    Thank you for taking the time to look my post. I appreciate any input into helping with my school list. I have used a combination of WedgeDawg, Lizzy M, and the MSAR report to decide on MD schools. I will also be applying to DO schools at a later point, as an MD re-applicant. My application is...
  6. Sadlyanon

    3.8 504 URM

    Hello all, cGPA 3.80 sGPA sGPA3.69 First mcat 501 (127/122/127/125) Second mcat 504 (128/120/127/129) Will a third retake hurt my chances? I feel an accommodation allowing me to have more time will help for cars. I have studied for this exam for over a year and no luck inimproving. Class of...
  7. S

    Non - Canadian International student md/phd 2018-19 cycle

    Hi, Not to post another one of those, but I wanted an opinion on whether I am picking the right application strategy vis-a-vis applications for md/phd programs: I am currently finishing up a post-baccalaureate fellowship at a top University. - Total of 4.5 yrs research experience ( 2.5 yrs...
  8. P

    Can I get into dental school?

  9. J


    Hi, I am currently a junior and was wondering if you guys could give me some opinions or advice. URM: Hispanic Current Overall GPA: 2.98 Science GPA: 2.53 Science Courses Taken. Chem 1( First time=C, Second Time= B) Chem 2 (B-) Ochem 1 (C- first time, currently retaking it) Bio 1 (C- first...