what medicine school

  1. C

    3.70 GPA and 508 MCAT: Where should I go??

    I've been stressing myself out a bit looking through MSAR and trying to make a list of schools, so feedback is definitely appreciated! Here's me in a nutshell: Currently in MPH Epidemiology program at state school (will finish next May) (GPA 3.74) Graduated liberal arts school with major...
  2. namaste08

    3.9 GPA, 512 MCAT, Where do I go?!

    Hi- not sure if I should post here but I am desperate! I am graduating from a northeast public university in the spring with BS in pubhlth. Science GPA 3.98 Nonscience GPA 4.0, MCAT 512. Currently enrolled in a 1 year accelerated MPH at the same university, but not impressed with the classes I...
  3. Doctor what

    I dont know what university should I go for med school

    Im a student from palawan state university, taking up pre med course and a graduating student too. I have a plan to proceed in med school but I dont know where to go. My first choice in central philippine university but its expensive there. I've searched other schools that are not too expensive...