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    Teacher trying to become a doctor, please help! (Canada)

    Hey everyone! Here is my background: ~3.4 cGPA (life Sci- years; 3.7 in 4th year, lower in other years), completed my bachelor of education degree right after, however this degree was pass or fail, so no grades and strong ECs (a range of things, been committed to a few for a while). Writing the...
  2. B

    What Are My Chances and What Should I Do?

    So I'm a current third-year human biology major, business minor student at UC San Diego. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.296 and a major GPA of 3.125 (yeah I know they're really bad...), but my GPA has been increasing since my second year. I have 4 more quarters left here at UCSD before my expected...
  3. L

    aoa scramble 2018

    Hello I am DO student looking to see my chances at residency Level 1 Comlex 470 Level 2 PE failed 1st attempt but passed 2nd attempt Failed level 2 CE haven't had chance to retake. Rescheduled now in 6 days not much study time. Score will not be available till ~Feb 20th Can I still scramble...
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    MD Should I do a post bacc?

    Hey guys I was thinking about applying for MD schools for the 2018 cycle (as this cycle is too late) but wasn't sure if a post bacc would be right for me for this upcoming year or more clinical work/retaking MCAT. In terms of statistics: MCAT: 129 125 125 130 (509) Overall GPA 3.5 science GPA...
  6. S

    Any advice on what to do next?

    Hey guys! So now that we're getting into May, I'm starting to look at this upcoming application cycle. I applied last cycle and received one interview at UDM, which placed me on their waitlist. My LOR's weren't mailed out until September 2, so I feel like I may have messed up by not getting...
  7. kdfa

    What to do in a year off

    Hello, I want to take a year off before medical school so I have more time to prep for the MCAT. I want to use this year to increase my chances of getting in to a medical school if possible, but I'm honestly not entirely sure what to do. I have considered working in a blood bank near my school...
  8. A

    Chances of med school w/ low GPA

    Currently I am a senior at a 4 yr university. Here are the stats Major: Chemical Eng. switched to Biochem Age: 20 Race:Black Sex: F Overall GPA (w/o recalc): 2.9 ... (w/): 3.1 Scien. GPA: (same as overall) Gen. chems : A,A,B Orgo 1,2: B, F, (retake) B Analytical chem: C Bio's: A, A, B...
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    What should I do for this last week before my MCAT and how do I seem to be doing so far?

    I've been studying very hard this entire summer and take the MCAT August 20th. I am retaking from a 494 (124, 121, 125, 124) that I got in January after obviously not taking the MCAT seriously enough the first time around. I spent about 6.5 weeks doing content review and the rest of the time...
  10. S

    What should I do?

    Hey guys, So I'm just a little bit torn on what to do. I'm a Canadian citizen that will be applying to US dental schools. My GPA is around a 3.3 right now. This last semester took a toll on me, with the death of one of my close cousins happening right around finals. I ended up getting a C- in...
  11. sjforte

    First Year of college Not going too well

    so I'm half way through my second semester in college and the first semester my gpa was a 1.7. I got a C in biology so I am retaking it this current semester. ( the first semester I did have mono for finals time). The first tests of my semester didn't go to well, but I am kicking my ass non stop...