What should I do for this last week before my MCAT and how do I seem to be doing so far?

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Apr 28, 2016
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I've been studying very hard this entire summer and take the MCAT August 20th. I am retaking from a 494 (124, 121, 125, 124) that I got in January after obviously not taking the MCAT seriously enough the first time around. I spent about 6.5 weeks doing content review and the rest of the time taking FL practice exams and the section banks, which I will post the scores for each to hopefully give others a decent idea where I am thus far. I am really hoping to hit the 505+ mark this time at the absolute minimum to feel more comfortable about my chances of getting interviews and acceptances to DO and possibly MD programs. I have read many forums and seen all the score spreadsheets just like everyone else on SDN, but would like some personal thoughts on where I stand.Could some people please give me thoughts on where I stand at this moment based on my scores? Also, thoughts on what would be the most productive and beneficial to me for the remainder of my studies (roughly 10 days left by this time at night).

All Scores will be given in this order: Total, C/P, CARS, B/B, P/S
Kaplan 1: 498=124,124,126,124 (63%=61%, 60%, 73%,57%)
NS FL 1: 504=126,124,127,127 (61%=54%, 57%, 66%, 68%)
SB: TIMED BIO: 47% C/P: 54% P/S: 57%
EK FL1: Barely Slept before it... (55%=53%, 55%, 51%, 61%)
NS FL 2: 504=125,127,126,126 (60%=47%, 77%, 59%, 58%)
NS FL 3: 503=126,123,127,127 (60%=56%, 53%, 64%, 68%)
EK FL 2: (59%=58%, 47%, 63%, 68%)
EK FL 3: (58%=51%, 53%, 64%, 64%)
NS FL 4: 503=126,125,125,127 (57%=53%, 58%, 54%, 64%)
OG: Timed (66%57%, 63%, 70%, 73%)
AAMC FL UNSCORED: (71%=68%, 75%, 69%, 73%) C/P and CARS both seemed too easy compared to every other test I have taken.

I am also taking the AAMC FL Scored test either Thursday or Friday of this week.
The only other tests I would consider doing at this point would be either EK4 or the NS free 1/2 length diagnostic. I just do not have a clue what would benefit me the most (redoing things, taking more exams, doing more content, etc..)Someone please help me figure out what to do to reach my goals and let me know sort of where I stand so far. I only have very limited time left until my exam so thank you to every single person who replies to this thread and helps me with this! Thanks!