1. N

    Not Why but WHEN

    WHEN did you find out that you wanted to become a dentist?
  2. A

    When should i take the MCAT?

    Hi y’all Here are the stats. (reapplicant) Undergraduate: cGPA – 3.71 sGPA – 3.43 EC’s Undergrad: Research (animal behavior) -- ~1200hours Hospital volunteer -- ~90hrs Worked in student activities at honors college -- ~1400hrs List of undergrad honors and awards Graduate (SMP)...
  3. S

    Good time to ask for letter of recommendation?

    Just a quick background - senior about to graduate - a bit late in the game as a pre-med. Anyways, I need letters of recommendation, but was wondering if it is better to ask now, or if should I wait till after finals and graduation? I don't know if it's best to wait until the final grades come...
  4. nikkysygs

    When to DAT?

    I am a current freshman in college. Is it too early to take a practice DAT? I know I won't know more than half of the material but I just wanted to get a feel for it. Is it worth it or is it just a standardized test that I should take when I'm ready and start practicing for later?? Thanks!
  5. R

    When to take CASPer?

    When applying to american schools, should I take CASPer before or after the interview? Does it matter? Because the dates of the test are spread out over many months, all the way to the beginning of January, which would be after most of the interviews. In Canada, all of the CASPer dates are in...
  6. moose786

    URGENT: When should I take the DAT?

    Hello all, I am going to explain my situation and thought process as clearly as possible, so please bear with me: I am currently a rising Senior, looking to apply in the "first batch" - which from my research is roughly until mid-July. I am currently studying for my DAT, which I have scheduled...
  7. E

    How far in advance should i look for housing??

    I'm accepted to Boston and waitlisted for Western. If i get off waitlist and into Western, I would go there to stay in state. Boston starts Sept 1st. How far in advance should I look for a place in Boston, just in case i dont get into Western?