1. F

    Where can I Apply Although Late with 2nd MCAT?

    Hey I am trying to decide where to apply for MD medical schools now that I am about to take the MCAT for the 2nd time. The first time I took it a weird situation occurred that got me totally out of sync. I felt like it wasn't the best thing to apply until after I found out my score and upon...
  2. Franzliszt1

    Where on AMCAS do I write gap year plans?

    Hello all, Thanks for taking time to answer me, I just graduated and I'm applying this cycle for 2019. Is anyone else wondering how they will communicate on their application what they plan to do during their gap year? If there is a place on AMCAS I don't see it. I've taken a job as a scribe...
  3. Franzliszt1

    Where should I apply?

    Hi, first thread on SDN. Is it good advice to apply to some "reaches" as well as some "fallback options"? Or should I stick to schools that are in my range? Also, I'd like advice on the schools I'm thinking of applying to. Please tell me if I'm shooting too low or too high. White, cGPA 3.58...
  4. D

    Where should I apply? 3.92 cGPA 511 MCAT URM

    cGPA 3.92 sGPA 3.83-3.88 ish (quickly calculated) 511 MCAT I'm a rising senior (hoping not to take a gap year, but let me know if I should strengthen my app more) I'm a URM (black) & state school 400 hours volunteer tutoring in underserved community 250 hours volunteering/raising money for...
  5. T

    Where can I find an updated brosencephalon anki deck?

    Just looking for this legendary anki deck that everyone uses apparently! Can't find it here. There is a 2014 version on his website but I have heard talk of updated versions. Where can I find these? Thanks all.