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  1. W

    In the event of a hypothetical war/conflict, should an Iranian-American candidate apply as "white" or "other-Iranian" or "other-middle eastern"?

    Hi all, I hope this isn't a stupid question but the recent political turmoil between the USA and Iran has got me on edge. I know in an ideal world your ethnicity shouldn't matter but we all remember Japanese interment and I am worried about bias against middle eastern (specially Iranians)...
  2. B

    Am I URM?

    Hello everyone! I was born in North Africa and I am a US citizen. Yes, I know, most people in North Africa are considered white by the US census bureau. However, from my sociocultural perspective, I have ALWAYS considered myself to be African. In fact, the concept of race is pretty much...
  3. N

    Do I put White ?

    EYE plan on applying this coming June and EYE am Palestinian. Born in the U.S. but both my parents are Palestinian. On the application is there an option for middle eastern? Should EYE put “other?” Or do click white ?
  4. BartleDoo

    MD 3.85-3.9 cGPA and sGPA, 511, CA, white - School List Help!

    Thanks for looking at this! 1. 3.85-3.9 cGPA and sGPA, no trend 2. 511 (129 C/P, 125 CARS, 128 B/B, 129 P/S) 3. CA 4. white w/ no disadvantages 5. top public school 6. Clinical: - 1000hrs ED scribe in underserved area (paid) - 40 hours visiting...
  5. A

    MD Unbalanced 508 MCAT, sGPA 3.63, cGPA 3.73, white male, CA resident, UCLA

    White male, not URM or disadvantaged, CA resident, UCLA, Human Biology and Society Major 508 MCAT: 128/124/131/125 sGPA: 3.63, cGPA: 3.73 MCAT Chem/Phys-128 –----87 percentile------10-11 on old MCAT CARS-124 –---------- 44 percentile ----- 7-8 on old MCAT Bio/Biochem-131 --– 99 percentile...