1. K

    MPH-Epi student interested in Wildlife Epidemiology

    Hi All – I am looking for some advice. I wasn’t sure which forum to post this in, but I thought this group might be able to provide the best insight. I am currently in a MPH-Epidemiology program and will graduate in May of next year (I have a B.A. in Psychology). I also work as a research...
  2. lagattara

    Large animal experience

    Hey guys, so I'm currently an undergraduate student in my second year. I've been working at a small animal clinic since my senior year of high school. I know vet school wants some large animal experience as well. I'm going to South Africa this summer to volunteer at a wildlife conservation. I...
  3. M

    Help picking major!!

    Hi!! I'm still in high school, but I know I want to pursue a career with animals. I'm not sure if I should become a zoo veterinarian or a wildlife biologist. I know they're both very different careers, and since I was little I've wanted to be a zoo vet, however now that I'm getting older I want...
  4. T

    Is it hard to find a job out of vet medical school?

    I work with a 94 year old physician who was devastated today when I told him I was pursuing veterinary medicine instead of human medicine. He then went off to tell me that it was extremely difficult to find a job in small animal practice and that the vast majority end up in a laboratory setting...
  5. J

    Experience Abroad

    Hello everyone, I am a BS. in Biology Sophomore, and I live in NJ. I wanted to know any suggestions /advises from my fellow pre-vet students. I want to concentrate in wildlife/exotic but here is very rare to find a wide range of experience. This is why I was considering doing a semester abroad...
  6. possumking

    Wildlife Vet?

    Hi I'm currently a sophomore in college, taking general courses and I'm interested in becoming a wildlife vet, and i was wondering what steps i would need to take to get there? I've done some research but have gotten mixed results. I currently reside in NJ. Thank you!
  7. V

    Want to be a vet, but don't want to work with pets

    So, here's my dilemma. I love the idea of being a vet. I want to learn all the medical aspects and work with and for animals. However, the last thing I want to do is work with pets. I want to go into vet school to become a zoo/wildlife veterinarian, I've been volunteering at a zoological...